Why does what I print not match the colors on my screen?

We regularly hear this question from our customers when creating their artwork. Here is the reason this occurs.  Your computer monitor displays colors using light (light emitting diodes) in pixels using a mix of Red, Green and Blue which is referred to as RGB.  However, your printer uses a four color “ink” printing process – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – known as CMYK.

These are two different methods of achieving color; light and ink.  Because the two methods are not the same – what is viewed and what is printed will not be the same.

The differences are very apparent when blue and orange are involved.  When exact color is of the essence, we recomment our customers review Pantone Colors and select the specific color desired. (Click here for Pantone’s Color System Explanation)

Once we know the pantone colors we can dial in the CMYK equivilants into our artwork.  This will allow the printed proof to closely resemble the Pantone color selected.  It won’t be an exact match of course, but it should be very close.

We have Pantone color sticks at our office that customers can review to select the exact colors to be used in their design.  If you have any specific questions regarding  RGB, CMYKor Pantone colors, give us a call or use the contact form below to send us a message.